Herbins Fennel Seed Oil – 50ml

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Herbins Fennel Seed Oil (Foeniculum vulgare)
Appearance: Thin liquid

Aroma : : Sweet, somewhat spicy, licorice-like (Anise) aroma

Color  : Colorless to pale yellow

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Herbins Fennel Seed Oil:-

Botanical Name            : Foeniculum vulgare

Appearance                  : Thin liquid

Aroma                           : Sweet, somewhat spicy, licorice-like (Anise) aroma

Color                             : Colorless to pale yellow

Chemical constituents   : Fennel seed oil has various chemical compounds that include trans-anethole,
a-pinene, myrcene, fenchone, methyl chavicol, limonene, cineole and anisic

Extraction                      : It is extracted by the steam distillation of squashed seeds.

1. Fennel seed oil can be used as blended massage oil or diluted in the bath for helping to fix a bloated  stomach, excess wind, colic, constipation and other digestive problems. It also acts as a diuretic, to remove excess water and to start breaking down cellulite.

2. It is beneficial in conditions of excess fluid such as bleeding, nosebleeds, heavy menstruation, heavy perspiration, cough and bronchitis, haemorrhages and fluid retention.

3. Fennel oil is a remedy for digestive complaints such as flatulence, constipation, colic, nausea, vomiting, anorexia, dyspepsia and hiccups.

4. It is also used in cases of obesity as it promotes that ‘full feeling’ and has a diuretic effect that helps to disperse cellulite. It is also used for increasing insufficient milk in nursing mothers but for boosting breast milk rather use the fresh herb, since the oil contains very high concentrations of trans-anethole.

5. It helps to regulate the menstrual cycle, helps to ease arthritis and rheumatic pain and it is also beneficial to oily as well as congested skin and wounds. It acts as an antiperspirant and as massaging for abdominal pains.

6. In vapor therapy, fennel oil is used as an appetite stimulant in cases of anorexia, and to boost courage and strength in the face of adversity.



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