Benefits and Uses of Pure Cypress Essential Oil

Pure Cypress Essential Oil

Pure Cypress Essential Oil

Pure Cypress Essential Oil Botanical Name: Cupressus Sempervirens

Appearnace : Liquid

Aroma : Sweet, Blasamic & Spicy

Color : Pale Yellow

Extraction : Steam Distillation of Needles


1.  It is mostly used in flavouring industry in making flavoured items.

2. It mix well with Cedarwood, Pine, Mandarin, Orange, Sandalwood, Lavender, Clary Sage, Marjoram, Juniper, Rose, Jasmine, etc.

3. It is also use in purifying incenses by the Tibetans.

4. It is mainly used in many Men’s colognes and aftershaves.

5. Cypress Essential oil is used in making perfumes, also add fragrance to skin care products, provides aid relaxation and clear congested air passage.

Pure Cypress Essential Oil
herbins Pure  Cypress Essential Oil.


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