Castor Seed Oil :- Description, Super Benefits and Super Uses

Castor Seed Oil

Castor Seed Oil

Botanical Name of Castor Seed oil  :- Ricinus Communis,
Origin of Castor oil :- India and Africa,
Common Name :- Arandi Oil, Arandi seed oil etc,

Cold Pressed Castor Seed Oil is an extract from the seed pod of castor. Cold-pressing is the purist method of producing carrier oils. Castor seed is very rich in oil, which is very beneficial for human. We can use it in our everyday life. For Hair, skin, body, externally or internally both.

Here are some uses and benefits of Castor seed oil

Benefits and Uses Of Castor Seed Oil

--> Health Benefits

This is Best cure of Hair loss, Hair damage, Split Ends, and in many more for hairs.


1.) Treats Dandruff :-

castor oil

If you are suffering from Dandruff.  Then this is best oil for your hair. Use it in every day life for reducing dandruff. You will see amazing results in less days. (But be sure that this oil is not a  side effect for your body).

2.) Control Hair Fall :-

I was also suffered by hair fall and get irritated. when you get loss of your hairs this will give you depression like me. When my hair started falling i started wear cap on my head to hide my bald head. Then my relative told me about castor oil and i started it for testing purpose and soon i get great result. Now I am happy, If you want to control hair fall use this oil on your head before go to sleep.

3.) Split Ends :-

This is also best for split ends if you are female then you know very well about split ends and want to free with it. Then here is the solution for you split ends. use castor oil on your hair before taking bath.

--> Skin Benefits 

There are so many Skin Benefits of Castor seed oil.

1.) Reduces Of Acne :-

If you have acne skin you can gently apply it on your body and massage it with soft hand for 5 to 15 minutes.

2.) Anti Aging :-

If you are a women with 40+ age. Then you well known of aging skin. I know you tried so many anti aging cosmetics and creams. But yet you didn’t get success. Here’s my suggestion to you to use Castor seed oil.

3.) Skin moisturizers :-

This is best moisturizer for body. use it in everyday life on your body before go to sleep.

4.) Prevents Stretch marks :-

Female gets stretch marks by the results of pregnancy when the skin on stomach and belly get elastic or rubbery shape. which seems very horrible by female point of view. at that time castor oil can be very beneficial.

--> Health Benefits

This Oil is also very beneficial in Health benefits.

1.)  Boost Immunity :-

It can boost immunity system if you take it as vegetable oil or base oil.

2.) Reduces Back Pain :-

Herbins castor oil

It gives relief from back pain also. Massage it on your back or joints and see the results.

3.) Disinfects Wounds :-

Herbins castor oil

This is Best Disinfectant on cuts and scraps.


So These are the benefits of castor oil .
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