Reason for Hair Loss and How can you Regrow your Hair

Reason for Hair Loss How can you Regrow your Hair

Reason For Hair Loss

Reason for Hair Loss How can you Regrow your Hair
Best Hair Re-Growth oil
In today’s generation their are lots of reason for hair fall. everyone suffering from hair loss. (Reason for Hair Loss How can you Regrow your Hair) Everyday when you take bath, use dryer, shampoo and many more things with your hair. You loss your hair at average forty to fifty hair everyday. It is daily process of our hair life. This is cycle of our hair life new hair take place in place of old hair. But if your hair falling more than average then it is serious problem for hair. It can cause you bald. Then for you it is difficult to live in society.

Reason for Hair Loss How can you Regrow your Hair

Let’s talk about some reason Behind excessive hair fall :-

Heredity Problem 

Hair loss can be genetic, according to medical science it may be cause of heredity. Our genes acquire property of our parents. May be from father and may be from mother. So if your parents are bald then be serious about your hair.


Now a days people are suffering from thyroid disease. It means your body are releasing extra thyroid, hormones, heart rate. and over rate of these things cause you Hair loss problems.

Iron Deficiency Anemia

women who have heavy periods and don’t take enough iron rich food, by which your body suffers lack of red blood cells.  Main function of red blood cell is to transport oxygen to your capillaries.

This iron deficiency anemia cause you extra weakness to you and your skin. Then you will notice hair loss is growing day by day.

Skin Conditions of the Scalp

Unhealthy scalp cause you hair loss just because weak root of your hair. This can be because of pollution like water and air.

Excessive Styling

In today generation we are fond of best hair styles. Everyone wants to look cool, and best hair style is one of the best way to look cool. But in our everyday life we are using wax, hair gel, and many more ammonia filled products. This give weakness to your hair, and by the time you will feel that your hair are loosing day by day.

 How can you Regrow your Hair

Reason for Hair Loss How can you Regrow your Hair

There are lots of reason to regrow your hair. Their are lots of oil which helps you Kalonji oil, Castor oil, Grapeseeds oil, Rosemary oil. (Reason for Hair Loss How can you Regrow your Hair)

There is a good news for you that we have best and perfect blend of oils which gives you everything which your hair need.

Herbins Hair Re-growth Oil is unique blend of rare essential and carrier oils. Herbins Hair Re-growth Oil is one stop solution for all your hair related problems like, hairfall, baldness, dandruff, split ends, hair thinning, premature greying, etc.

This oil can treat baldness which occurs due to multiple reasons, like pollution, tensions, malnutrition, etc.

The ingredients used in Herbins Hair Re-growth Oil are:

Nigella Sativa 

Nigella Sativa oil is extracted by cold expression of Kalonji seeds. It can provide strength to hair follicles and strengthen the hair roots too. It is used in Unani medicines for hair loss prevention, treatment and hair re-growth.

Trigonella Foenum 

Trigonella Foenum is extracted by cold expression of Fenugreek seeds. It is very good for hair re-growth as it is packed with proteins, which helps fight baldness. It also contains potassium which fight pre-mature greying of hairs, Nicotinic acid, which encourages hair growth and Lecithin, which energizes hair follicles.

Ricinus Communis

Ricinus Communis is extracted by cold expression of Castor seeds, it is very good for hair thickness and longer hairs as it contains ricinoleic acid and omega 6 fatty acids that improve blood circulation to the scalp. It also strengthen the hair roots and protect existing hairs from shedding quickly. It also protects the hairs form environmental factors like pollution and Sun.

Vitus Vinifera

Vitus Vinifera is extracted by cold expression of grapeseeds, it is very high in Vitamin E, which is necessary for hair growth and health. The extensive proteins, minerals and the linoleic acid it contains also offer lots of benefits to hairs. It also helps moisturize the scalp and prevent dandruff.

Rosmarinus Officinalis

Rosmarinus Officinalis is extracted by steam distillation of dried rosemary leaves, it is very good for dandruff and hair loss. It increases the blood circulation in head resulting in prevention of hair follicles from beingstarved of blood supply, dying off and leading to hair loss. It also prevent premature greying and dandruff.

Apply Herbins Hair Re-growth Oil in scalp and hairs and leave it overnight. Wash with your regular shampoo in morning. Apply 3 days a week for visible results.

Reason for Hair Loss How can you Regrow your Hair

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