Herbins Kapoor Katchri Essential Oil – 10ml

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Kapoor kachri oil’s plant part is Dried root. Kapoor kachri oil is extracted by steam distillation from dried root . Kapoor Kachri essential oil is used seed as plant part. Kapoor Kachri is also known as Hedychium Spicata in botanical language and Spiked ginger lily, Sandharlika, Takhelli in common language.Its plant grows 1m in height with green leaves and white & orange colour flower. Kapoor Kachri has lots of use like as asthma, Bronchitis, Nauseating and local inflammation and in pain also. The rhizome of plant is also used in medicine for making tonic. Clinical trials have been conducted in tropical eosinophilia with effective results. Kapoor Kachri counteracts had mouth taste and smells.

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